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Dear Guest, Welcome to ifoundyou. My name is Charles Pisano. In 1989, I lost contact with a friend of mine
and in 1998 I asked myself what I would say to her if I ever saw her again, and the words Ifoundyou came
to mind, and the company ifoundyou was born.

Today, Ifoundyou mission is to help reunite lost loved ones and help singles correspond meet and find their
eternal soul-mate. In 2011, we built the Serendipity ifoundyou Phone application to help singles find their
soul-mate, On December 06, 2012. We completed the ifoundyou Iphone Application. Today, 10/25/2016
we have connected over 14, 000 cafes to help singles corresond meet date and find their eternal soul-mate.

Simply, download the ifoundyou ipone applicaton and you can see how many single members are in each
Cafe. You may also talk live with us to do a search for somone who may be match.