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Being Connected

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Why hello there and thanks for stopping in today. Welcome to ifoundyou Enter your zip code, and the application will list the names and addresses of cafes around the United States as well the number of people who have made the particular cafe their home and are members of ifoundyou.

Each person who is a member of ifoundyou.com is assigned a cafe to them. The cafe is within a 10-mile radius of their home. The cafe the person chooses is known as the person’s home cafe and is the place where people correspond meet and date to find their eternal soul-mate.

Once you have downloaded the ifoundyou application, you will see a map and series of red pegs. The red pegs represent the cafes that are closest to you.Click on any red peg, and you will see the address and the number of people who are members of ifoundyou.

Matching Process

Each person in the world is has a number from one to ten. Once you are familiar with what number you are finding your soul-mate is easy.
Now you may not believe what is that I am saying to be true. However, if you look at any couples whose been married for some time, you will find that indeed their numbers match.

I recommend that you date people who have the same number as you. However, other choices are available to you. Please check out the following link to see who is a perfect match for you. http://astrology-numerology.com/num-relationship.html